Giulio Muscarello


High school: ITIS B. Castelli (2011-2017)
Graduated in 2017 with a score of 85/100. Field of study: electronics and automation.

University: Polytechnic University of Turin (2017-)
Attending a three-year course in Electronic Engineering (begun in October 2017).

Programming experience

I have been programming since I was 11, beginning with simple AutoIt scripts. Over the years, I experimented with several technologies ranging from Web development to embedded programming, and I'm currently settling on backend programming.


ArduinoVery good
C#Some experience
C++ OOPAverage
Docker (usage/development)Good
GolangVery good
Java (desktop/Android)Some experience
JavaScript (Node.js/browser)Very good
PythonSome experience
Siemens PLC programmingAverage
Visual Basic, VBAAverage

Project highlights

Robotic arm: high- and low-level programming for a SCARA robotic arm, in the context of a high school competition. Specifically, I wrote or helped write code for:

  • Inverse dynamics and precise motion;
  • Interfacing with motor drivers with Arduino;
  • Implementing "business logic" (rules for fetching items and storing them in boxes) in C#.

Plant demo: a high school project where we built a demo of a plant with the goal of learning PLC-related technologies (Siemens S7-1200, 3 phase motor, digital motor drive, Internet of Things). I was the lead PLC developer, writing SCL state machines for different modes of operation, and helped write Node.js code for the Siemens IOT2020.

Box-js: a malware analysis sandbox for Microsoft JScript droppers, powered by Node.js. The project relies on the external library "vm2" for sandboxing, but implements anti-detection features and most importantly ActiveX component stubs. It integrates with Docker for automation and application-level sandboxing, and with VirusTotal/Malwr for threat reporting and detection. Collaboration with a third party is undergoing for integration with Cuckoo Sandbox.

Honeytrap: an open source honeytrap written in Golang and developed by DutchSec. I contributed with some patches and features, ranging from bug fixes to implementing new services and a minor refactoring, in preparation for the Google Summer of Code 2018.


EnglishVery goodGoodAverage


  • Diploma di perito elettronico: high school diploma as "electronics consultant"
  • IELTS 8: English language certification